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Pregnancy is an extraordinary time in your life, you have the right to be spoiled and treated with the best of everything while your child is developing. So with regards to ultrasound visits, you shouldn't agree to anything short of what you and your family merit.

Our Toronto Baby3D ultrasound studio is certainly viewed as the best in providing top notch 3D ultrasounds in the Greater Toronto Area.


We are eager to shared this unique moment in your life with you and show you the developing life within you in astonishing detail during your ultrasound visit!

Friendly and Professional Staff at - Baby 3D Ultrasound Center in Toronto

if you're wondering how it is that we came to be the best 3D ultrasound clinic in Toronto, it's our staff that deserves most of the credit. We have a group of incredible clinical experts working at our midtown ultrasound center. Our ultrasound specialists are fully certified and have a very deep knowledge of 3D ultrasounds technology and pregnancy.

A Date With Baby: 3D Ultrasound's organizer and president Dr. Williams, a specialist in elective 3D ultrasounds with more than 25 years of involvement, ensures a continuous learning environment for our sonographers to keep up to date with the most recent ultrasound advances. Our scans are additionally consistently evaluated by Dr. Williams to guarantee that our high standards are met.

Offering High Tech 4D Baby Ultrasound Service in Toronto!


We take the experience considerably further for you with our 3D and 4D ultrasounds. 4D ultrasound provides a continuous imaging of your child's movements on the screen. We may catch a smile or a kick of your infant, which will may get recorded for you to enjoy them time and time again at home.


Offer Baby Baby 3D Ultrasound Sessions with Your Loved Ones

Watching a child isn't only a unique moment for you, but your loved ones as well. In order to provide that you can share this experience with them, we allow you to welcome up to five individuals into our 3D ultrasound space for your ultrasound meeting, while eight additional individuals can watch the entire meeting through a FaceTime or other video calling software, using our high speed WiFi for free. You can even share the experience after the ultrasound meeting if you opt for the available online sharing option for the storage of your 3D images and 4D videos. 

Get Accurate Gender Determination at Our Toronto 3D Ultrasound Clinic

If you are excited to learn whether it’s a boy or a girl, you can get the right answer at  Baby 3D Toronto using 2D and 3D ultrasound technology.

Our 3D Ultrasound Packages and Services



Watch movements, find out the gender and get a picture. It is a very special moment to cherish.



Capture, enjoy and share this unique, real-time experience of the baby growing inside you.


COTTON CANDY PACKAGE Witness the development of your baby at two stages. Once at 20-25wks and again at 25-32wks.



  • 3D/4D ultrasound session
  • Gender Reveal, upon request
  • Watching baby's activities
  • Listen to baby's heartbeats
  • Face and body scan
  • 3D Images in a secure client online account (available)
  • FREE Live Video
  • 1 printed photo


What is 3D/4D Ultrasound?

Quite literally, ultrasound, which is used in many different areas, is sound waves outside the human listening spectrum.

Here's how ultrasound works in pregnancy: women will see a "foetal portrait" of their baby as early as 16 weeks and determine its gender. From bland, grainy black and white images to the present three-dimensional time experience, ultrasound imaging has significantly evolved over the decades.

Any 3D scanning is provided by most hospitals, but 3D ultrasound provides images that display a developing child's breadth, height and depth. 3D ultrasound delivers sound waves from various directions instead of delivering sound waves directly into the womb and capturing as they bounce back which is usual with 2D imaging. Based on this data, a device then makes a 3D image.

4D ultrasound, as it happens, adds motion. Time is the fourth dimension. In 4D mode, you're really watching your baby live. And how cool is it?

We are very excited to provide you with an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Hearing the heartbeat of your baby for the first time or watching the characteristics of your baby is an opportunity you would not want to miss out on. Before they join our world, the chance to see the face of your precious baby is priceless.

We have certified and licenced ultrasound technologists for Baby3DToronto to conduct your ultrasound. Equipped with the best quality ultrasound system, our facility has a very comfy seating area with a big screen to view your precious baby.

Our top priority is Baby3DToronto customer satisfaction. We aspire to make this experience exciting, comfortable, and to provide you with that precious baby bond! Baby 3D Ultrasound often invites siblings to watch the ultrasound and the whole family. We respect your company and provide you with the best quality customer service that you can not find elsewhere.